“The Earth Laughs in Flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson




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Zoom . Snap . Play @ BScene.

Welcome darlings 🙂 I want to tell you about the most delightful little boutique. It is shop 4B in  Chamberlain Road,  Berea, East London. The most important thing you need to know is that BScene stocks the Black Coffee Concept Dress. It is all the rage right now! PLEASE do yourself a favour and click on the link below. Once the website has loaded, click on EVERYONE CAN BE A DESIGNER. Be patient and wait for it to load but, when it starts, you have to be super alert because its going to show you the most amazing thing ever!


Do not look at these photos without clicking on the above link, infact I forbid you to read any further before you have watched the video of the concept dress!

Okay, now that thats done, I can show you the fuchsia pink concept dress at BScene.



Beautiful right? Yes. Gorgeous, absolutely stunning! Very limited stock left!

Owner, Joanna Kolyvas, specializes in stocking designer wear from all over South Africa! Apart from the dazzling clutches she got in Greece, here are the labels you’ll find in store: Colleen Eitzen, Michelle Ludek, Christopher Strong, Black Coffee, Leigh Schubert, Hermanna Rush, Lunar, Marion + Lindie and smashing new stock from Two girls!

But, before you rush off to BScene, we’re going to play a little game…. Are you excited?? You should be! (i love games, so fun) Okay, below you are going to see zoomed in and graphically altered glimpses of whats in store. Study the photos,  and take some time to oooooh and aaaaaaaaah, but then go to the shop and see if you can find the photos matched garments and accessories. Its like a treasure hunt, almost 🙂

The person with the most matches wins a R100 gift voucher from BScene! My pleasure  ladies, enjoy!










Model – Lindy Abrey

BScene Owner – Joanna Kolyvas

Post by: Nel-Marié xx

**Contact details in the Treasure Trove.

**Competition closes Monday 7 November 2011.

What’s the treasure trove?

On the top left hand corner of our blog you will see a page named: Treasure Trove. This is where we keep all the information about the places and things we feature on the blog and even some other interesting sites that we think you would like! If you’re ever unsure of contact details or anything else, you can mail us at daughtersofdelight@gmail.com


Undoubtedly, one of my favourite pastimes is to go treasure hunting in antiques shops.

This is something I grew up doing. Following my parents around these shops, with my hands behind my back, terrified that I would knock the century old teacup display over! But it became a ritual that has influence the way I turned out and the way I perceive beautiful things.

Antique and Things is one of the shops I grew up visiting. It has been around for as long as I can remember and it never fails to impress me with it beautiful merchandise.

Antique and things is a family run business. They sell antiques as well as original furniture manufactured in their workshop.

The shop layout is so interesting, around each corner is a new discovery. The outside workshops have now been converted into rustic shopping areas, filled with beautiful old furniture, delightful teacups and decorative plates.

There is also a shop called Mary Jane within the antique shop. Here clothing, accessories and meditation bowls are sold. The merchandise is imported from Nepal.

The Anyway Dress…

One dress, endless options!

Trust me if you let your creative juices flow you can play all afternoon, I did 🙂

The Anyway Dress, new, from Kimbo!



Available in various colours.
To order contact Kim:  kimbo.clothing@gmail.com / 0828041736

By Nel-Marié

Inspiration for a lazy saturday afternoon









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HEAVENLY Sugarcraft Delights…

Being a student is tough, your life is crazy busy, you don’t sleep much, you spend most of your time in class or doing projects or learning. If you are me, you spend 95% of your free time sleeping, which leaves very little time for friends and family. What is my point? I needed a break from my life – very desperately! Luckily, I found one not so far from home. It is situated in Berea, it’s called heavenly sugarcraft delights, but after my lovely visit, I have now dubbed it: Sue’s store 🙂

Sue is the owner of the shop and what a pleasant and friendly Sue she is. What a delight to chat to, she definetely adds to the whole experience of sugarcrafting. 9 Years ago in Dubai, Sue was a bored housewife with a passion for sugarcrafting, she took some courses and really got stuck into it. After 13 years of sugarcrafting in Dubai they moved to East London, where she carried on with her passion. She had difficulty getting her hands on the products and tools she needed so she took some initiative and opened a store herself. She imports most of the products in the store so you can be assured of good quality.

Sugarcrafting is very similair to working with clay, but the sweet thing is you can eat it!

Sue tells me that she thinks you get a natural high when sugarcrafting since the sugar is absorbed into your body via osmosis 🙂

I am amazed by the detail and accuracy. The leaves, the vines – gorgeous!

Above – Some of the ready made decorations she has in store.

You can do sugarcrafting courses with Sue ranging from R100 student classes to R500 advanced classes, and, for the fun-hearted she has a fairie course 🙂 This is also a great way of meeting new people and making friends.

While I was visiting Sue was teaching a class on teddy bears.

*The tools they use for sugarcrafting can also be used for puter work since the tools are heat resistant.

You can order birthday or wedding cakes from her:

I hope you found this experience as delightful as I did. To get hold of Sue check out our treasure trove. She is also on facebook: Heavenly Sugarcraft Delights. I left with the exciting news that she has an online shop opening soon!

*By Nel-Marié